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67186909 - stylish young job seeker in an employment interview shaking hands with the interviewer and handing over his cv in a blue folder, view from above Schlagwort(e): 30s, 60s, adult, application, application file, appointment, boss, business, businessman, businesspeople, candidate, career, ceo, clerk, communication, cv, document, elderly, employee, employer, employment, executive, graduate, hand, hiring, interview, man, meeting, occupation, office, old, people, profession, professional, recruitment, resources, resume, senior, shake, sitting, smile, talking, two, vacancy, white, work, worker, young, documents, papers

v.l. Inhaberin Annika Grau, Auszubildender Abdalhadi Nakshbandi und HWK-Ausbildungsberater Jörg Hamann

3d, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, abstract, achievement, award, badge, best, better, bronze, ceremony, champion, championship, circle, competition, event, first, games, glory, gold, golden, honor, icon, illustration, label, medal, medals, medallion, place, prize, recognition, rosette, second, sign, silver, success, symbol, third, triumph, trophy, vector, victory, win, winner, wreath, 123, 1 2 3, 1, 2, plw, kammersieger

01.10.2014 Dortmund - Berthold Schroeder Foto: Andreas Buck Mobil: +49 (0)171.5485046 Office: +49 (0)231.881426 email: , web: BITTE BEACHTEN SIE MEINE AGB: Schlagwort(e):

Herr Schmidt

Filiz Schulz

45904133 - teenagers young team together cheerful concept Schlagwort(e): adult, african descent, amity, asian ethnicity, brainstorming, campus, cheerful, college, communication, conversation, day, digital devices, diverse, diversity, enjoying, female, friends, friendship, fun, group, happiness, laughing, leisure, lifestyle, male, men, notebook, outdoors, people, relaxation, smiling, students, tablet, talking, team, teamwork, teenagers, teens, together, togetherness, university, variation, women, young, youth adult

Carsten Harder 5

41557264 - female student holding her books Schlagwort(e): woman, girl, student, studying, learning, teaching, university, education, campus, books, knowledge, holding, looking at camera, smiling, toothy smile, happiness, joy, enjoyment, brown hair, outdoors, people in the background, street style, urban scene, city life, casual clothing, adolescence, attractive woman, beautiful, schoolyard, walking, street, youth culture, colleagues, copy space, long hair, cute